Friday, June 25, 2010

Waiting on the Cable Guy

That was my excuse for not accomplishing Jack Shit today. He showed up within his allotted arrival window, replaced my HD-DVR cable box (which I already know didn't entirely fix the minor-but-irksome signal problem, because, as I suspected, it's area-wide) and was gone in a half hour. I managed to stretch that half-hour service call into Not Doing Much Else All Day. I can slack with the best.

It's hot. It's really miserably hot. I have to set the clock and get up at 5 to get anything that cannot be done in air conditioning done at all. I tried working in the garage yesterday, and by 9:30 in the morning I was drenched in sweat and ready to collapse.

KNITTING CONTENT: I'm finishing the Big Purple Sweater, aka the Barbizon Jacket. I had to fix the cast-off edge along the entire front of the sweater, because this Loose Woman actually cast off too tightly, for the first time in her life. So I had to pick it all out, put it back on the needle, and do it over.

And I had yet another Catastrophic KnitPicks Needle Failure in the process. Bad enough I was doing a miserable job for the second time, but suddenly, yup, the cable came out of the metal connector. I'm over this. I love this sweater pattern, I really do, but I am done with KnitPicks. This was my FOURTH KP needle failure. Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me. Fool me three times, okay, maybe I'm crazy to trust again...but fool me FOUR times, and I'm obviously a fucking idiot.

So, I frantically transferred the stitches, picked up stitches, fixed the cast off edge by casting off with a size 7 needle (I made the sweater on size 5.) I don't have to go near that needle again, on this project. I stopped by my LYS this afternoon, and the owner is ordering me a 60 inch Addi Turbo in a 5, because I would like to make another sweater like this, in a more versatile and less PURPLE!!! color, like maybe the rich chocolate brown in the stash.

Otherwise, the wedding planning and such proceeds nicely, and we are wrapping in a Family Reunion of sorts, with Harry Potter! And the only human under 21 in this group is SuperGirl, who is along for the ride and will be all of...6.5 months? The rest of us range between Late 20s and Social Security, but we will be at Universal the day after the wedding, making a beeline toward Harry Potter. We will take turns with SuperGirl while her parents ride the Dragon Challenge. It will be SO much fun.

Cousin S and partner J are planning to arrive early to do Epcot the day before the wedding. I begged off, figuring that there would be last-minute wedding things, but Bride piped up and said she was game for Drinking Her Way Around the World Showcase the night before her (evening) wedding. We'll leave that one open; no need to commit now. If everything is wrapped up tight and ready to roll, I could do with a day like that to celebrate the complicated 2-moves-one-relocation-oh-yeah-and-a-wedding-too feat we are attempting here. But I can skip the Epcot trip. The Universal family trip will be the celebration of everything.


k said...

The weather has gone insane. I commend you on being able to stretch a half-hour cable-guy visit into a day off. You are approaching professional status.
You know, life will be boring when you get past November...

Catherine said...

Hell, life past November is a big abyss of WTF. I did have a 2 hour window, and he showed up at the last minute of said window, and stayed a half hour beyond, so, really, that was 2.5 hours of my day. Or so I tell myself.

Anonymous said...

That's it for me and Knit Picks (and believe me, they are PRICEY here in Australia). I have only had one come apart, but will return to Addi from now on.

The IDEA of the systems like Knit Picks is excellent, but they do rather leave me out of the loop - I do not really like heavy knitting, and have little use for any needle above 3.75 mm.

Gae, in Callala Bay