Friday, June 04, 2010

A week and a day, and all is well.

Smooch has settled in so nicely, it's great. She's still adjusting - new house, new neighborhood, lots of kids and people walking dogs and "new things" everywhere she goes - but she's a smart little thing and she catches on fast.

Funny Smooch story of the day: While the animals have the run of the house and are allowed on the furniture, we do draw the line at "chew toys on the furniture" because slobber and melting chewies are not kind to the furniture. So, Smooch jumps onto the ottoman with her chewie, I correct her and toss it to the floor, and we do this about 40x a day. She enjoys bouncing after it when I toss it as much as chewing it, so it's not like my interventions are much reinforcement. But she does get the point, and she proved it.

This morning I heard the sound of vigorous chewing, and yep, she was on the big chair - this time with her head buried under a throw pillow, and her little butt sticking out. I walked over and tapped her on the butt, and she turned around, startled. I picked up the chewie and put it back on the floor, and she looked chagrined. She had hid the chewie behind the pillow, so how on earth did Mommy catch her? She's smart enough to hide the chewie, but not smart enough to chew quietly, instead of like a hyena tearing up a gazelle.


besshaile said...

aww. I can just see doggie butt shivering in chewing pleasure. Don't you just adore a smart dog?
oh. and my word verification is "lardwels" ugh.

Enjay said...

Having just dug one chewie out from under my pillow and another from between the mattress and frame that my 7mo old puppy snuck onto the bed while I was asleep, I'm right there with you.

Teresa said...

That's funny. Jasmine also does the "if I can't see you, you can't see me" and leaves her butt out while her front end is under the bed tearing up something she shouldn't have. It's so funny to watch the expression on their faces - how does Mommy DO that? LOL