Friday, July 09, 2010

Actual Knitting Blog Stuff, among other things.

Like granddaughter pictures and actual knitting stuff.

In the process of cleaning out closets, I unearthed a few stuffed animals I'd saved from my son's babyhood. I washed them and sent them to my granddaughter. Not so surprisingly, she latched onto Bunny as her new BFF. He was her daddy's favorite, too. My son reported that Bunny's ear found its way into her mouth right away. Good thing I'd washed him in Ivory Snow and a nice tumble in the dryer. He's an old rabbit, but fresh and clean.

And it's been a very long time since Knitty contained a pattern that screamed "MAKE ME NOW!" but this time, SCORE! Must make Victoria NOW!

I have sworn off buying yarn (save a random skein or two to incorporate into existing stash for a designated purpose), and I have some lovely rich milk chocolate brown Cascade 220 in the stash, just screaming to be used, that will be fantastic as Victoria.

I'm way behind on taking photos of finished objects, or keeping up with Smooch pictures, and I hang my head in shame. I blame the house fixin' stuff I do in the heat in the mornings. It makes the rest of the day a sort of fuzzy blur of random stuff.

So, I wound yarn this afternoon, preparing to cast on Victoria, while watching the second DVD of True Blood, Season 2. I still have a love-hate relationship with this show. I've read (well, listened to on my iPod while working out and/or working on house stuff) all of the books in the series. I am still a little befuddled by the artistic license taken by HBO. It's not that they totally changed anything - they just tweaked the characters and plots in random and kind of pointless ways, and left out a lot of really great characters, and a lot of the warmth, if that's the right word. True Blood is harder and colder than the books. I like most of the casting, and I'm glad that Tara and Lafayette are much more substantial and interesting ongoing characters, but so far, I'm most disappointed with the casting and treatment of Eric and Pam. I'm sorry, but the actor cast as Eric is NOT the big, rugged, impressively commanding and complicated Viking from the books. He's much too contemporary, and as written in this show, too mean and cold. Eric has more dimensions in the books.
Likewise, Pam is just "off," in trivial ways, and both are colder and less well-rounded as characters.

Characters from the books have been recast in different roles, and new characters (like Jessica the cranky Lolita vamp) are totally out of the blue. I'm still watching and enjoying, but befuddled by the decisions made in the translation to TV. I think the author's original vision was more interesting and nuanced than HBO's adaptation.


Anonymous said...

Dang- that foot is STILL kicking! That is a seriously cute baby.

Good luck on Victoria- it’s a good looking sweater, but that much Moss stitch will simply have me admiring from afar.

Catherine said...

I love that sort of mindless pattern. I can watch a movie or listen to an audiobook and just churn it out, row after row. Stockinette and garter stitch will wear me down with monotony, but Moss stitch is just enough not totally boring to keep me churning along.

Catherine said...

And thanks, I think she's a seriously cute baby too, and love the blurry kicking foot!

Anonymous said...

That is going to be a seriously well worn Heirloom Bunny. The young lady is very beautiful.

Moss stitch, not so much, what I really like, for the look of the fabric, is Irish Moss. Handsome. Simple as, but catches the light in interesting ways.

Our youngest Little Miss is getting choosy about what she will and will not wear. Her justification: "It doesn't make me beautiful enough !!". She was three in March............

Gae, in Callala Bay

Catherine said...

I love that Little Miss! Fashion sense - it's a powerful thing.

besshaile said...

why am I NOT surprised you have Victoria stash? a little too loose a shape for me - everything would hang off the widest part on me - but it's pretty.