Monday, July 19, 2010

Flea Circus Redux, etc.

Damn, this has been a long day. I've been awake since 2:30 a.m. I didn't plan this, of course - I woke up with a mildly upset tummy, turned on the light and decided the dogs could probably use a potty trip, let them out, and let them in. As we were all getting comfy again, before I turned out the light, Sophie was sitting beside me in the bed. Her little white chest was awash in fleas. I quit counting past a dozen. Her little white chest is maybe...5 inches across? And that was just the area I could SEE.

Sophie is on Sentinel and Frontline Plus. She was just bathed at the groomer 3 days ago, before the Frontline was applied. She was a flea circus, as if she'd been living on the street for a year. Murphy was picking and itching, but on him you can't spot them.

Out of bed. Dose both dogs with Capstar, which can be used with the other products and is a short term, freaking miraculous flea magic bullet. In a half hour her chest was all white, and dead fleas were scattered on the sheets. I know. Eew.

For some reason, I was unable to fall asleep again, though I did my best. I've been awake since 2:30 in the morning, and it has been a long-ass day.

I think I found my contractor. Unless her bid comes in way too out of the ball park I want her to do the work. I like her a lot, and I trust her already. I had three "high quality" targets for my jobs, and one called me on Friday. He talked my ear off, tooting his own horn, on and on. By the time he was done, I knew his age, his family situation, and more than I ever needed to know about shit I don't care about, while he asked basically nothing about the work I was hiring him to do, and then wrapped up the way too long phone chat with, "I'm really busy, so if I don't call you on Wednesday, you have to hunt me down!"

Really Dude? I will not be doing that. I'm hiring you, I'm not begging for your mercy. In this market that is such utter bullshit I nearly sprained a rolling eyeball. I will not be calling him back, and can't imagine why anybody would, though I suspect this is the peacock strut he does with a woman client (based on other things he said) and he probably has a different approach with men.

So, of the two highly recommended candidates I've spoken to (the third acknowledged my email but hasn't picked up the phone) there is No Contest. I trust the gal who came today, and if I can't afford her, it will be back to square one with a whole new batch of candidates, but I don't think that will be a problem. At least I hope it won't be. She was very straightforward and we spoke the same language. She'll give me separate proposals for the main task (the living room work) and the lesser targets, and then we'll talk from there. She's even willing and able to fix the fence and to pull out the goldfish pond and fill it, and was already thinking that she'd take the rock surrounding it as partial payment before I even proposed it. So, I think we can do business. Fingers crossed, internets!

Dogs are not scratching vigorously. I've sprayed and vacuumed the bedroom carpet, changed the sheets (of course - eew) and have my fingers crossed for a decent night's sleep tonight.


Anonymous said...

Aughhh!!! Nothing worse than a flea explosion. And they happen in spite of the hyper-vigilance sometimes.
Hope the contractor works out.

Catherine said...

I have another prospect coming tomorrow, but unless he is significantly cheaper and just as good, I am going with my instinct. I liked the gal who came on Monday. She was both professional and tuned in to my overall plan.