Sunday, July 18, 2010

Happy Birthday Girlchild!

We will celebrate tomorrow, with lunch and a leisurely stroll at Millenia. That is pretty much The Destination Mall, and I haven't been in many months. It's funny how I used to love to shop - it was one of my favorite ways to spend a hot summer afternoon - and now, eh. I still enjoy wandering the mall, but I look at all the stuff and it's just...stuff. I've lost any acquisitive urges I once had. I kind of miss those urges. It was fun, but the thrill is gone. Anyway, we shall do lunch, and hang out, and she needs new shoes for work, because the big, beautiful puppy ate her Nikes, and the Reeboks didn't last long on the rough terrain of the campus. So we will at least try to accomplish that in our wandering.

Today, I declared myself a day off. I had planned to take yesterday off, but ended up deep-cleaning the small random room formerly known as the office. I took down the curtains (badly sun-faded on the backs) because they were disgustingly coated in cat hair, washed them, washed the cat snot off the windows, and cleaned the floors and the baseboards, and rearranged the space so the modem and router are safely on a side table, instead of intruding into what apparently has become prime cat real estate.

In the last couple of weeks Higgins had taken to sleeping on the top of the small cabinet under the window that held the modem and router. (I'm assuming it was because he had a nice view of the backyard, though why he just noticed this view is one of those inscrutable cat things.) It became his favorite perch, and no amount of swearing at him could change his mind.

In the process of making himself comfortable he had knocked the router off the cabinet and send it crashing to the tile floor several times (Linksys takes a licking and keeps on ticking - we are available for an ad campaign directed at cat owners victims, if anyone's interested) and when he didn't actually shove them overboard, I just shuddered at the amount of hair and cat dirt filtering down into the poor, defenseless, hardworking little gadgets.

But the ultimate, the last straw that caused me to finally take action, was when he horked up a truly spectacularly disgusting hairball that landed on the top of the cabinet, in the 3 inches of space between the modem and router. I'm pretty sure a cat yakking a hairball into their works is bad for electronic devices, so I wasn't going to wait for his aim to improve. Modem and router have been relocated to a smaller table that affords no view of anything at all, and I'm hoping that they will survive.

So that was yesterday - today was another DVD of True Blood, Season 2 (one more to go), and knitting. I'm on a campaign to identify and either destroy or finish any UFOs lurking in various bags, boxes, and whatevers. This is also the Year of the Cardigan for me. I'm on a cardie kick. I wish my carpal tunnel (pissed off by the cleaning binges) would STFU.

Meanwhile, Supergirl is wearing her Super Sunglasses, and is all set to conquer Hilton Head Island:

Boy & Company are enjoying Cousin C's Hilton Head timeshare again this summer. Dil2B's sister and her husband and Supergirl's little boy cousin are along for the adventure, and I of course have demanded pictures. She's wearing the little swimsuit I bought her - I nagged them to make sure she wears the hat I found to match the pink trim and don't let her get sunburned, because I AM a grandma, and that's what we do.

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Anonymous said...

Cats and electronic equipment: About twenty years ago our family business invested in two thermal paper fax machines - mainly so the two toolmakers could compare tech drawing details and mods.

Ours lived in a dark and un-tempting corner of the Multi-Function Room on one end of a desk. Took a little while to realise why the cat suddenly claimed that corner as her own - constant source of HEAT. After a couple of near misses, I took to keeping the desk drawer open a couple of inches. Until one day about six years ago, a non-cat-savvy visitor must have 'helpfully' shut the drawer, and the fax machine died on impact.
Silver cloud - I was able to replace it with a fax, scanner, proper photocopier combo for a fraction of the price of the old thermal model.

Ah, cats........

Gae, in Callala Bay