Sunday, July 04, 2010

July Horoscope

Happy 4th of July!

I've written a few blog entries in my head, but they evaporated when I finally sat down at the keyboard. Hate it when that happens. Anyway...Cancer's horoscope for this month is Awesome!

Birthday Week is winding down and it's time to get back on the South Beach Diet for reals, and back to work on the Great Relocation Project. I managed to stay sidetracked and lazy most of this week, and didn't call any contractors yet. That will be Job One on Tuesday afternoon. Job One of about 40.

It's a rainy holiday weekend here - raining and hot and humid and "hide in the house" weather for me. It's a little bit cooler, though humid as hell, so I can get a few more chores done without passing out in the heat. I have the first DVD of Season 2 of True Blood as my reward later.

Animal updates:

The Old Gray Cat is hanging in there.

Smooch's TV addiction may need an intervention:

I'm amazed by her recognition of images that one would think a dog wouldn't understand - she gets excited by the image of a dog in a cartoon! There was no barking, etc., to trigger her response - she saw the cartoon dog and sat up straight and studied it carefully, then gave it a little soft "Woof!" and moved closer to get a better look.

Murphy would like you all to know that he can kick this young thing's little butt playing ball. Bad knees be damned, the old man's still got game.

Wedding update:

I have to report that we had a wardrobe failure already. Yes, it's true, the dress selected for the Matron of Honor will not work at all, because the MoH will be, um, around 8 months pregnant in November! Whee!! Bride is very excited for her, and they have adjusted their summer shopping plans from "wedding stuff" to "wedding and baby stuff" without a hitch. I'm sure there will be a pretty wine-red maternity dress that will work just fine for this small evening wedding. Otherwise, plans are coming together nicely - the invitations came in this week and are very pretty. Onward to cake tastings!

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