Friday, July 09, 2010

Officially Announcing

The change of the call name of the Boston Terrier Formerly Known as "Smooch."

I didn't name her. That was the call name bestowed by the breeder from whom she was re-homed, and she was a stranger to me so why mess with changing her name right off the bat? While Smooch is cute, it somehow never seemed to ring true with her, or me. In short, she didn't answer to it with any great enthusiasm. I found myself making up names for her - "Smoochie, Smoochy-poochy" all sorts of combinations to get that two-syllable name dogs like best. Meh. Nothing clicked. So we tried other names, and tonight I think we agreed on her name. She wants to be Sophie. She likes Sophie! Sophie made her dance!

So we are going to test-drive Sophie, and see if we agree that this is her name.


Linda said...

Sophie is a beautiful name!

Anonymous said...

I have an acquaintance who raises Great Danes. She had something like 8 or 9 of them at one time, once. She was a great believer in animal communication, and spent thousands of dollars taking her dogs to them. One dog had a few problems, and the animal communicator told them on first meeting- "She doesn't like her name" (it was a single syllable). They asked her preferred name, and the communicator told them it was Rosebud. So Rosebud (eventually Rosie) she became. Her behavior improved. Go figure.

So I hope she likes Sophie a lot, and I swear that matches her face better than Smooch.


Anonymous said...

When we got one of our Italian Greyhounds, he was called 'Gino', which we just did not fancy.

So every time he was given a treat, given his meals, petted or spoken to, it was as 'Harry'. No problems, no drama, no mental breakdowns.

And Sophie is much more grown up and elegant.

Gae, in Callala Bay

dropstitchknitter said...

My 10 month old yorkie poo is a Sophie - great name!