Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Sophie and Dudley

Girl stopped by to show me her wedding band (a very sparkly strip of round diamonds in white gold), and brought Dudley to visit. I'll be doing an overnight dog sitting on her birthday. Four dogs. 95 degree weather. Oy.

Last time Sophie met Dudley, she wasn't too sure about him. This time, when Girl came in the door with Dudley, Sophie lit up like it was Christmas! Instead of being unsure of him, she greeted him with much joy, hopping, and kisses. She initiated games, and they roughhoused and romped with identical grins and lolling tongues.

I tried to get some pictures of their size difference, but they were in constant motion.

Here's a better view of the trio - 22 lb. Dudley, 10.5 lb. Sophie, and 8 lb. Murphy.

They got along very, very well, except for a skirmish over a game of rope that nearly got out of control, when play-growling suddenly started sounding sincere. I believe Dudley is correct that Sophie started it, but he's twice her size and the grownup, and he didn't act that way. Girl grabbed Dudley, I scooped up the smaller combatant, we both yelled, "HEY!" and I told them that if they can't play nice, the rope gets put up - and put it in its basket. They were all smiles and wiggles 20 seconds later. The best part - other than that 10 second skirmish, they were very relaxed and just sort of wandered around the yard ignoring each other. No drama. Whew.

This weekend I'll have these three plus the 70 lb. Lab Baby. She's the easiest of the bunch.


KatyaR said...

I hope you're taking your vitamins--sounds like you'll have your hands full this weekend!

I never realized Dudley had such a tail--how cute is that?

Catherine said...

You know, his tail is normally more tightly curled in a neat Boston corkscrew - I noticed that it looked more relaxed than normal!

k said...

I never realized how HUGE Dudley is. I've got stuff at the bottom of my browser, but I recognized his giant head before I saw the rest of the picture. How funny is that?
I'm glad they're all happy family now.

Catherine said...

At 22 lbs. Dudley is at the top end of the breed standard for Bostons, while Sophie is at the bottom of the curve. When Dudley is with Layla he's the little dog, but when he's next to these two, he does look huge!