Monday, July 26, 2010

This Week I Will...

When I'm working, I live and die by lists and my planner. I still do, to some extent, but now my list-making is a little different. On Sunday I take stock of what I need to get done in the next 7 days, and write it all down, because without goals, I am a slacker. Must make lists. The deadlines can slip day to day for the most part, but if I don't have the List, I'll lose shit that must get done.

As deadlines become more complicated and critical, the lists become more detailed. Making these lists takes some time, because general categories of "Clean closets" stopped cutting it months ago. This is work, but fun work.

I accepted the bid from my first contractor - not the crazy guy on the phone, who never visited or bid anything, and not the very nice other guy who did visit and promised a bid last weekend, and it's Monday, and no call, no bid. Okay. Let me say that all three came with straight As off Angie's List, so do with that info what you will. I am not going to write negative reviews of the "You have to chase me to get me!" jerk, or the other guy who seemed very nice and knew his stuff and promised me a bid over the weekend and didn't deliver. So assuming I'm typical, those reviews have to be filtered through the thoughts of the unseen people like me: "Those who didn't hire but are too polite to say why." And Angie's List is geared toward reviews of work completed, so that's totally fair and reasonable.

Anyway. Ahem. Boy called me today to tell me about Supergirl's first trip to the beach - hilarious story of beach umbrella issues, and how if you have a baby on the beach at Hilton Head and can't get your beach umbrella set up, forty people will rush up to you to offer aid. They had a good time, though Supergirl met the Atlantic, and said, "WAAAHH!" The ocean was overwhelming and made her scream. She did enjoy her time in the condo's pool very much, and floated in a baby seat and splashed and laughed, but waves, salt water, noise, sand, yeah, 4 months was probably a bit early for that introduction. Her father reports that she is sleeping like an angel and is mastering turning over, and is all in all, just fantastic. In less than 2 weeks I get to fuss over her in person.

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zippiknits said...

Enjoy the visit coming up with your Supergirl.

And, I think back on this a bit, and remember that little kids are afraid of the ocean because it looks like a huge wall of water ready to come and get them. She's still small enough to be carried so it probably doesn't apply to her, yet. Have fun with your little grandbaby. :o)