Sunday, August 01, 2010

All I did was give her the Mom Look.

I turned around and saw that Sophie had pulled the pad out of the crate, and was wrestling with it. I didn't say anything. She stopped and we looked at each other. And she tried to put the crate pad back. I'm so glad my camera was ready on my desk, because otherwise you'd never believe me:

It did get stuck, so I helped. But wow, she's a smart little thing.


Linda said...

LOL! Oh my! That is adorable! Too smart for her britches!

Catherine said...

I swear, she had the pad two feet from the crate when I caught her. I didn't say anything, just looked at her, and she just started dragging it back. When I realized what she was doing I grabbed the camera.

zippiknits said...

Oh that is just such a great little dog to go with the Bossy and great little dog! She really REALLY was trying hard to get that back in the kennel. That's one smart little dog!