Sunday, August 08, 2010

Asheville Sunday

Hi there, my few and loyal readers! I'm in Asheville. I arrived around 5:30 yesterday afternoon. It would have been earlier except some idiots decided to screw up a perfectly nice afternoon by crunching into each other on I-26. Apparently no injuries, just a bunch of people with crunched bumpers standing around on cell phones, and one cop writing reports. But of course thousands of other idiots had to stop to take a good long look, backing up traffic for miles in both directions. I must never, ever even THINK "Gee, I'm making good time on this trip."

Anyway, that was the only issue on the drive up. I made it to Son and FDiL's place in time for dinner, and spent some time with Supergirl, who looks a lot like her daddy at that age, particularly her facial expressions. She was somewhat confused upon meeting me - her other grandma lives nearby and how can this lady be Grandma too? - but she decided it was okay with her. Her daddy had to work last night, so I left after dinner and found my hotel and got checked in and settled down.

The hotel will do. I booked it via a blind bid on Expedia, and I can't complain for the price I'm paying. It's clean and adequate, but if I were paying their full price I'd probably be more critical. (It's obviously very, very popular with retirees; I feel like a kid here.) Though the mattress is firmer than I like, I did fall asleep after a while and woke disoriented, hearing a cheerful male voice singing "You've Got a Friend," in the corridor.

For a minute I felt outrage that some happy drunk was singing in the corridor at 1 in the morning and OMG I've got to get some sleep and damn this bed is not comfortable, and then I managed to get my eyes to focus on the clock and, um, it was nearly 8 a.m., and that bright light coming in around the curtains wasn't a security light in the parking lot. Okay, I'd slept a solid 8+ hours and must issue an official retraction of the bitching. I've become so accustomed to sleeping poorly, when I get a full night's sleep I don't quite believe it.

I did a drive-by on one of the apartment prospects after breakfast, and am eliminating it from my list. Although it is "pet friendly" in theory, it had no dog walking, let alone bike-riding, potental at all. Placing a doggie-pot poop bag dispenser next to a parking space doth not pet-friendly make, and the closest groceries are at Super Walmart. The overall location isn't that great (which I knew to start with, but was willing to give it a chance if it was othewise wonderful). It was my least promising prospect, so I somewhat expected this. One down, many more to go.

I believe today's agenda should include something involving mountain scenery, a pretty baby, and my camera.


Joan said...

Have fun with the pretty baby and her parents, and happy hunting for the apartment and all. Looking forward to the pix!

zippiknits said...

Good Luck in all things, M'friend. You'll find a place.

And that is very nice omen is the singer singing a great song.


Anonymous said...

Asheville is such a great small city. I lived in Mars Hill a number of years ago and the whole area was just a wonderful place to be; on subsequent vacations back we've been impressed with the way Asheville has handled its growth. Best luck finding a place and a job!!

besshaile said...

can't wait to hear more reviews of living conditions and see more photos of supergirl