Sunday, August 01, 2010

August Already!

Holy crap, where did July go? I know I did get a lot of useful things done last month, it just doesn't look all that impressive in the rearview mirror. I know I cleaned stuff, sorted stuff, sold stuff, found a contractor to fix stuff (the actual fixing of which will commence in the second half of August). So STUFF is getting done, progress is being made, blah blah.

August's agenda includes painting the two largest spaces in the house plus drywall and fence repairs, pond removal - all of which will be handled by the contractor. My mission is to clear out the spaces so she can do the work. My most important mission - Asheville, and quality time with Supergirl. Supergirl is going on FIVE months old! I spoke to her dad the other day and we marveled at how the time has flown; somehow I had it in my head that she'd be six months old at the wedding; nope, make that EIGHT months. I cannot wait to see her.

Tangible, visible, checklist-checking stuff is getting done, but other stuff, too. This is thinking time. Thinking about what would make me happy. That is something I haven't had time to think about for a long time, as life revolved around one drama not of my making after another for, oh, nearly a decade. This is the first time I've ever taken time like this to actually step back and think about what I enjoy, instead of what I should be doing. It actually has gotten off to a slow start, because old habits die hard. I mean hell, the last time I was forced to just be, I was in intensive care. It's very weird to get off the hamster wheel on purpose and just stand still and look around for a while.

The critical coordination issues of wedding and relocation appear to be workable via a lease extension, and that means that OMG it's all on me to figure out where I'm going and GTFO of the way. And yet, I feel weirdly relaxed about it all - I'm just letting it be.

The last few months have been the longest stretch that my lazy ass has engaged in some sort of regular outdoor exercise in many years. My vampire-white legs are looking (while not tanned) pleasantly less undead, and today I swear their shape has started changing for the better. My clothes are looser - to the point where I'll have to replace a few things that look really bad now. I feel healthier, and am definitely more relaxed. I'm figuring out how to let life take its course, without excessive preemptive fretting. A little fretting is good; that's how things get done.

And of course, I have a team behind me, helping with every endeavor, large and small.

Murphy keeps me on schedule:

Sophie reminds me to relax:

And Boris, well, is just Boris:

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