Monday, August 02, 2010

August Horoscope

Fascinating. Looks like we Cancerians have a good month ahead!

Often we view ourselves through old, outdated glasses, but all that is about to change. I feel that you will finally get to see that you have come a long way, and that you should be congratulated for personal growth and considerable accomplishments on many levels.

If you are in the middle of renovations, your contractor may find something he did not expect to find, and that may cause the work to slow down. Ask that you be given a written notice of any possible overages that might come up.

So perhaps poor timing of the renovations, astrologically speaking, but we've tried to anticipate the worst case scenario on the drywall repairs and priced it accordingly. No big worries there.

I'm more interested in the bigger changes described, and especially, of course, this:

Getting your dream job, dear reader, is precisely what Jupiter in Aries is bringing you these days. Finally you will have an opportunity to find your true vocation. If you joined a company lately, or will soon, you are likely to find it fits you like a beautifully custom tailored suit, and because it will use your talents well, you'll more likely succeed.
From your lips to the Universe's ear(s), Astrologer Lady!

and tickled by stuff like this:

I have one other thought about Venus' tour of your home sector this month. Venus may see to it that you spend more time with your children or parents. If so, that would be a blessing. You would be so glad you took that time to be together.

Because I'm about to go spend time with my son and his family, and Girl and I talk daily and have been getting together more often, and that, too, is a blessing.

But what got me about this is how there are these weird parallels with the life of a much more Famous Cancerian Blogger: Crazy Aunt Purl

Holy crap, I identify so much with this post, it's eerie. Different lives, of course - different coast, different job, different life, yet somehow similar things going on under the surface. I also think I get exactly what she's saying about a daily goal, not a check off the list goal - if you are shifting your life from the rut it's in to the life you want, you don't do it by checking off a goal on a list. You do it by incorporating a piece of the new life you want into the one you're living now, until it is part of your life. While it may seem like "failure" to some to work on the same goal month after month, it makes perfect sense to me.

I think I'm grateful I'm in the lesser blogosphere and don't get as many comments as she does, though, because I don't think I'd have her patience with an internet full of strangers telling me "U R doin it rong."

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No, my dear,
U R doin it rite (and so is she)