Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Butt Update

Sophie's little butt is looking much better - one gland is nearly down to normal, and the other is half the size it was yesterday. (Which is saying a lot, because yesterday, OMG. Worst blocked anal glands I've EVER seen.) She takes her meds without a quibble and enjoys having warm compresses applied to her behind. She apparently thinks it's some sort of spa treatment, and falls asleep. Tomorrow we return to the vet to revisit the gland that wouldn't surrender. While we're at it I need to schedule her Big Girl Operation.

Boris has rallied as of this evening, has rejoined the living in the living room, and I'm taking this situation day by day. Overall, he's not doing very well, but he's also not showing any signs of distress that make me think it's Time. So we'll let the cat situation ride for now.

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