Friday, August 13, 2010

Home Again.

I'm back in Florida and it's miserably hot and humid, and when I sorted the mail I found a $271 electric bill. Sigh. That should be the worst for the year; it will start inching downward next month.

Although everybody in Asheville remarked about their abnormally hot weather (they did crack 90 several days in a row) it was still 10 degrees cooler than here, and far less humid. It was incredibly pleasant to walk outdoors at 8 a.m. into 70 degrees instead of 80 degrees and 96% humidity, as it is here this morning. The climate in the mountains is distinctly different, in a very good way. As I drove down I-26 yesterday, down from the mountains to the South Carolina lowlands and then south through Georgia into Florida, Baby's temp. gauge climbed steadily from 71 degrees as I left Asheville until, as I approached my house, it hit 96 degrees.

My future in-laws teased me about needing a winter coat again, and getting used to the cold. I think I can adjust. I do need to knit some sturdy little dog sweaters this fall. Can't you see Sophie in a fuzzy pink sweater?

I'm going to do this. It seems unreal. I've talked about it for HOW many years? Life kept getting in the way, as my parents' illnesses and of course my own brain thang derailed my plans. It's time to make it happen.


Linda said...

Yes! Hurray! So glad it's going to happen for you. And I think Sophie will look adorable in a fuzzy pink sweater;-)

k said...

I hope good things start happening in piles for you now. Maybe Sophie is your lucky charm.

Anonymous said...

Time to shake things up! Interesting- I went from talking about a 3-4 year plan for downsizing and selling my 80+ year old house to buying and moving within 6 weeks. Part of the incentive was to not have to deal with the snow anymore! But you'll be in a nice apartment where someone takes care of that for you too. Having grown up in the south, I much prefer the mid-Atlantic with 4 seasons. If it is hot and humid (and it has been this summer!), at least you know it will be gone in a few weeks. In winter you can always put on another layer, but when it's hot, there's just so much you can bare (pun intended). And Asheville does have 4 beautiful seasons, although their winter is sometimes icy. Yay for exciting moves.

caroline said...

Yay! Can't wait till you're there. I'll be there in February and perhaps we can hit the Green Man?
And Yarn Paradise. Renee is selling Dennis' shawl pins now.

Catherine said...

Would you believe I drove past Yarn Paradise at least six times in my travels, and never stopped in? I am a saint! Green Man, or the Thirsty Monk, or wherever - it's a date!