Thursday, August 19, 2010

Poor Sophie's Poor Little Butt.

Though Sophie's butt was better today than 2 days ago (when it was horror movie awful), when we went for a re-check today, Vet Boy opted to lance her poor little glands and get it over with, lest we end up with a worse infection in her little butt. One gland had mostly drained, but not totally, and the other was uncooperative. She's my little trouper, but I'm afraid we now have a very unpleasant association with the vet's office - Tuesday, Squeezing. Today, Worse. She was visibly tense and sad while we waited to see the doctor, even though everyone cuddled her and carried her around, and both Vet Boy and the Tech have Bostons themselves. Vet Boy called her a "fun size" Boston (a term used to describe tiny single-bite-sized candy bars in the US) and kissed her on the nose, but poor Sophie, she had a nasty doctor visit.

An additional $78 later (an unpleasant financial detour for someone without a paycheck), we were home again, and her little rearview is much better. And next time, we need to discuss her Big Girl Operation. Poor lil baby. Poor bank account.

Oh, and Boris is definitely constipated again, and that means a blockage of some sort. I just can't do another $1000 of treatment to perhaps if we're lucky buy him 2 more months of existence. He Eats, Poops, Sleeps. Julia Roberts would not play him in the movie.


Teresa said...

Poor Sophie. Poor Boris. Poor Catherine!

Catherine said...

Sophie is much better, Boris "is what he is," and I'm okay. I budgeted for emergencies - but I was thinking failed hot water heater, not dog butt crisis!

k said...

I was lucky with my first dog. The vet's secretary had a German Shepherd puppy just the same age and size as my dog, so we would go to the vet's and have some play time. He always loved the vet's office.

Elaine R. said...

We adopted a 5 yr old Lhasa Apso 8 years ago. Within the first year and a half his anal glands were infected 4 times! Finally, at the vet's suggestion, we had them surgically removed. He has been great ever since! Although he did have a very sore butt for a few days following the surgery!