Friday, September 10, 2010

DONE! Living room - the rest is yet to come.

Why, yes, I do believe these are colors I gravitate toward - see end table lamp purchased 10+ years ago:

It's good. The beige is a warmer, slightly yellower color than it looked on the chip, but it really works with the green. These colors are in balance.

It's much more neutral than the deep red which had drifted toward purple in its old age, but not boring. Just colors that are more relaxed and soft and neutral. It coordinates with the old tile floor and fireplace. And without the mirror, the room just feels like a room - that somewhat jarring "Is this a cheap lounge in Las Vegas?" element will not be missed.

I'm exhausted and I didn't even raise a brush. I spent half the day contacting movers, and really should save that story for another day. Apparently a lot of douchebag companies don't realize that them Innernets are full of free research about them. I touched base with a couple of apartment complexes, because if my move is now mid-November, we are within the 60 day move-out-notice window. I will stop thinking about "first choice" and "third choice" places, because really, all of the places I liked are in South Asheville, and each has the basics. But if you're thinking positive thoughts, think eat-in kitchen, counter space and a pantry. Otherwise, they all have closets and washer/dryer connections and such. Damn, I would love a pantry.


Teresa said...

Having done a cross-country move (alone) and going through the mover-interviewing process, I will tell you what I did - I chose United. Their prices were comparable with other reputable companies, and I had a real bad experience with a "guy with a big truck" moving company one time. United and/or Allied has moved me all over the place for the past 9 years, and it's the rare occasion if there is ever a broken piece of furniture or any other problem. They will settle any damages quickly and fairly, and their people are professionals and know what they're doing. You'll get better prices from fly-by-night movers, but you get what you pay for. Book the move as soon as you possibly can, and ask for a deal since you're booking so far in advance! ;) Doesn't hurt to try! Not telling you what to do, just giving you the benefit of my experiences.
Your living room looks GORGEOUS! Are you sure you can stand to leave? LOL


crgilvr said...

I have had mixed experience with Allied -- they use a lot of contractors and some of them were very sketchy.

Mayflower has been consistently good.

(9 moves in 12 years ~ 6000 miles)

Catherine said...

I've scheduled an estimate from United for next week. No way will I use a fly-by-night company, it's not worth the stress. I do plan to book it as soon as I can to get one more thing off the to-do list!

k said...

Okay. This is probably TMI, but "pantry" is one of those codewords Bigfoot and I have. Another is Dremel, but that's for him.
I am envisioning counter space for you, because you deserve it.

Catherine said...

My first choice for great floor plan apartment has an affordable 2 bedroom with a sunroom, and I'm jumping on it. Hope to close the deal on Monday or Tuesday.