Thursday, September 09, 2010

How did I become old enough

to be the mother of a 30 year old? (Oh, that's right, I was lucky enough not to die early in 2007.) My son is 30 today. THIRTY. I'll still call him Boychild, but nobody else will. ;-)

That picture is a couple of months old. Grandgirl had her half-year birthday yesterday, and has decided that Bananas Are Awesome!

Painting and Packing are Proceeding at a Ponderous Pace. Painting is going very nicely, and the colors are freaking awesome. Onward to the bedroom next week! That means this weekend I must clear out all the loose odds and ends, and pack or pitch them. Because holy crap - I talked to Girlchild last night and we started refining timelines. I'd been telling myself I would set Dec. 1 as my move-in date in Asheville, and somehow, Dec. 1 still seems safely in the future.

After consulting with my beloved future tenant, we bumped my move date back to Nov. 15, because they need time to move their stuff from There to Here, and clean up There. They are moving about 3-4 miles and doing it on their own with a rented truck around their work schedule, and I'm moving about 500 miles and hiring movers, so yeah, mid-November it is.

I have NO problem with moving earlier - I'm so sick of the process, if I could wave a wand and move tomorrow I'd do it in a heartbeat. It just made the future seem less theoretical and more, "We really need to sit down and make timelines for all this shit, because we have a LOT going on." We don't quite need planning software, but we do need a calendar and a good lunch and a list of things to cover. So we will do that Monday.

On Monday, Girl and I are going to do a major shopping and planning day. First stop will be Sephora. She is in search of an appropriate lipstick for an evening wedding reception. I plan to wear my Clinique Black Honey and call it a day, unless the nice folks at Sephora show me something better. Then, on to various stores for bride shoes (the first pair was deemed too tall) and potential Mother of Bride dresses, and accessories, table decor if we don't just have the florist do it, and so forth. It will be FUN, and also productive.

And another week winds down, and September is already moving frighteningly fast.

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