Monday, September 27, 2010

My horoscope would like me to stop being so cranky and get a grip.

Even for someone with changeable moods, you've been getting more than your fair share of ups and downs lately (sometimes within moments of each other). The good news is that right now a positive perspective is offering itself to you, and all you have to do is take it. Why not? You'll get along better with others, you'll enjoy yourself more and you might just be surprised by how good rose-colored glasses look on you.

I felt like crap yesterday - zero energy, zero ambition, all I wanted to do was take a nap. So I tried, and the dogs did not approve. They gave me 45 minutes, which, for me, is just enough to get into a good sleep, and got restless. I felt worse post-nap than before, which is so often the case with me.

So, I resolved to go to bed at 9. No problem, it's dark, they're good with that. We all settled down and I was nearly into a nice, deep sleep when the neighbor's dog began barking. She's not normally a barky dog, so of course my two couldn't ignore this abnormal barking on her part ("What if aliens spaceships are landing?") and both had to jump up and bark too. Much swearing on my part ensued. Settle down again - aaannnd, repeat 20 minutes later. Sigh. Finally, everyone shut up around 10, and I slept until after 7, which in my world is unheard of luxury. I do feel better, which makes it a bit easier to take that positive perspective which is offering itself to me. Everything really is moving along just fine - it's just that there's so MUCH everything moving along at once!

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