Monday, September 27, 2010


Why I'm tense and crabby: faithful dog fans may recall Sophie's awful, painful, icky issue involving her anal glands - the one that took 3 vet visits, expensive antibiotics, and a lancing to fix. She finally healed in the last few weeks, and last week I made an appointment to have her spayed - just getting in under the wire, if the breeder's information was accurate. She'd been in heat in mid-April, and would be due again in October, so we were cutting it close, but it'd get done before I move.

Too close. She went into a heat cycle over the weekend. Her spay appointment was set for TOMORROW. ARRRGH!!! Even my DOG's uterus has the worst timing possible.

So I called the vet to cancel her surgery and asked how long we'd have to wait to reschedule. Four weeks. The wedding is 5 weeks away, and Moving Day is 5 days after the wedding, and the day after the wedding belongs to family and Harry Potter. So, that's that - I'm taking "Sophie's Big Girl Surgery" off the to-do list. Sophie will be spayed this winter, in Asheville.

Sophie is wearing a pair of little black panties with a doggy mini-pad. I was disappointed - I remember when I was a kid, our poodles would wear frilly little panties at That Time of the Year, and I figured that if we had to suffer through this, I could at least humiliate her with photos in silly pink ruffled drawers. Now, they're unisex (apparently there are a lot of incontinent boys out there) and dull, dull dull.

Anyway, I am just shaking my head at the timing - I thought we could get this in under the wire before the move, but that's not gonna happen. I of course started these mental gymnastics, trying to figure out how I could make it all work - "Well, if I get her fixed on 10/28"...counting on fingers to see when stitches would come out - and then stopped myself, because, yeah, in the grand scheme of things, this is one thing I CAN postpone until after I'm unpacked.

Bride had her final wedding dress fitting today, and it's utterly awesome, and perfect, and gorgeous. Tomorrow we'll try to finalize cake and maybe even table centerpieces. It's all getting down to the wire.

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Anonymous said...

Oh you know the gods are going to throw some more stuff before you are all moved. At least the first issue has healed up!