Thursday, September 23, 2010

Painting, Continued.

The bedroom project is underway - and I'm somewhat surprised that I'm not feeling any pangs at the covering of the blue walls I painted with my own two tired, cramping hands. Honestly, that color served its purpose. I felt empowered painting it, I enjoyed living with it, and now I'm ready to go on to something different, and leave something less hard to decorate around for the next people. (I am tickled that my contractor was highly complimentary about the lines I cut with that bold blue against the creamy white ceiling. I can paint the hell out of a room, but I'm sick of doing it.)

This taupe is very pretty - with an alabaster trim and baseboard and similarly creamy white ceiling, it's crisp and fresh and not boring. Future Tenants' bedroom furniture is a rich dark wood, and I really think it will look awesome and elegant.

I've asked for a price on fixing up the master bath, which is...just so sad. I'm still within my total fix-up budget, and I'm willing to add this on if it's reasonable. Contractor had a great idea for a Now-Later fix - get enough tile now to extend the tile floor out into the vanity area (which is now carpeted) and then replace the huge long vanity and tile that space later. So smart, and easier and cheaper than my ideas. ;-)

I have a lease on my desk, and a mover's contract on my desk. I think in an earlier post I brainfarted and said I was going with Allied. No, it's United.

I do have a couple of minor "Yeah, I know it's what the form says, but here's why I want you to fix it," contract wonking things with the lease, but nothing major - just me being a contract wonk. "I KNOW other people don't question this, but I'm sorry, it's ambiguous as written, and can you tweak these two words..." It's a petty thing, but I'm a legal wonk and I've seen petty things become major ick, so....

I have an apartment, an address, and a mover, and the house fix-up stuff is moving along nicely. All I need is a Mother of the Bride Dress - and a few hundred move details, and the wedding cake still needs to be ordered, and we have no table decor, and we need guest gifts (which are improving in quality as the confirmed RSVP list drops to "Hell yeah, let's go for the fancy gift bags!" level).

But I digress - about the dress.

Bride and I went shopping - meh, limited choices in the stores. Stores here tend to stock black or bright red or teeny teenage strapless bubble dresses as "party wear". It's Whatshername from Jersey Shore, or the Queen Mum, the occasional print, or black, which is just wrong IMHO.

But Macy's and Nordstrom online yielded lots more options, and I can order dresses, try them on, and return the rejects to the stores. I've ordered 2 from Macy's so far, and they should show up by Monday. I added two more expensive but also more versatile options from Nordstrom's - they are scheduled to arrive the first week in October.

Lest you think I won the lottery and have been holding out on you, no, only one of these dresses will stay here - the rest will go back. I am taking full advantage of the "order online - return to the store" thing here. If the first two Macy's dresses don't yield a winner, back they shall go, and two more will be in the queue.

Bouncing ideas off Bess made me think of an issue I hadn't even considered. My first choice dress (for cut and color) was a royal blue, but damn, it's in a satin-y fabric. In photos that could be wowza, all anybody sees is the MOB dress in that screaming, shiny blue! This didn't occur to me until I described it to Bess, and then I realized that's not what I want to happen, so I've added a couple of softer, gentler blues as alternatives.

It's all coming together. I have a future address, I have a mover, I have so much in the works it's insane, and it will all come together in the next...eek - six-seven weeks! I'm suddenly exhausted and need to put sheets on my bed in my 2/3 painted room and pass out.


Teresa said...

Yay! You have an apartment! That's great - but have you checked to see how far the doggy-walking area is from your front door? (It snows in Asheville, you know. White cold stuff on the ground. You'll need boots.) And are you on an upper floor? Will they let you take the dogs up and down in the elevator? I learned all this the hard way when my husband's condo suddenly decided me and two dogs couldn't ride the elevator up to the 4th floor! Check on this NOW before you get surprised (and can probably still change apts if you have to). Other than that - you go, girl!

Cromy said...

nice pictures there... it get's interesting for me when i get to pick the colors up :)) it's crazy thinking you will have your one day choice following you allover the room for the rest of some good years of your life... nice article btw.. cheers

Catherine said...

I chose a ground floor apartment with lots of walking areas nearby for just that reason.

Janette said...

Did you try Brenners?