Wednesday, September 15, 2010


That is the pond, out of the ground and waiting to be posted on Craigslist. That dirt patch is the place where the pond used to be, filled with dirt, which has to be compacted and filled a bit more before we can sod.

Complication: This weekend I will be dogsitting Layla and Dudley (two serious diggers who would think they hit the lotto with that huge expanse of soft dirt) while their mommy and daddy go to Asheville. So I'll water in the existing dirt for the next couple of days to compact it, then drag that pond shell over the enticing diggy spot until they leave. It may delay things a little, but it's better than the hellacious mess that would ensue if they get into that big diggy playground.

The fence is done, yay! And my wonderful fix-it gal took my old but functional elliptical machine off my hands in exchange for knocking a bit off the bill. I'm trying really, really hard not to have to have a garage sale because my experiences with garage sales have been tortuous and unprofitable, so if I can give away or barter stuff, that's my first choice. This also frees up that small back office room as box storage. Double yay!

The man from Allied came to give me an estimate today and it was about what I'd expected, plus he'll give me all the free boxes I need for the stuff I'm packing myself, so I may just go ahead and go with the biggest and bestest in the area for the move, and chalk it off the list. It's one less thing to fret over, and I have enough things to fret over right now.

My application for the 2 bedroom/2 bath, eat-in kitchen, sunroom/office in South Asheville was accepted, and it looks like things are falling into place. (Pauses to knock wood.) Oh, and there are also jobs, so it's time to start sending resumes.

Contractor Gal has another job tomorrow and Friday, she'll be back on Tuesday for the bedroom painting. Which is fine, because I need to get a lot of stuff out of her way, and oh, I'll have four dogs here Saturday-Tuesday.

I'm on the home stretch on the Landscape Shawl; I WILL get that done between now and Saturday, so help me God.


k said...

WOOHOO!!! Apartment sounds great!

But, do you think dogs that dig in dry dirt are (and oh, yeah, that was fun to type)(shoot - I've lost my train of thought) better than muddy mutts?
College is rotting my brain.

Catherine said...

It's not dry dirt, it's topsoil, which is richer and wetter and slower to dry than our usual sand. I looked into getting fill, but the quantity was so small (less than 5 cubic yards) I couldn't even get a returned email or phone call, so we went with topsoil, which is going to compact like crazy after I water it in, and take forever to dry. Yeah, the pond will be a protective dome over that spot this weekend, and I'll be watching them.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to see the progress pictures- and woo-hoo on the apartment. Things are moving! Including you.


Anonymous said...

congrats on getting the apt.! one more thing to cross of your to-do list. No relaxing weekend for you this weekend-- four dogs?! and active ones at that... enjoy.

KatyaR said...

I'm so jealous, it sounds like the changes are coming fast and furious for you! I'm very happy for you as well. Oh, and here's hoping that there's weekend pictures of the dogs (please?).