Wednesday, September 01, 2010

The Remodeling Begins Today.

The contractor starts work at 9 this morning. Project One: remove this giant mirrored wall, repair/replace the drywall behind the mirror, repair damaged section of ceiling at the corner of the fireplace, and repaint the entire room.

Ceiling damage:

This is going to be the worst part of the various home-fixing projects that must be done before I move. The leak that caused the damage was repaired last winter, but I wanted to make sure it was truly fixed before doing the interior work. After I found someone I liked to do the work, we had to coordinate our schedules around my trip to Asheville and then her own vacation, so the work starts today.

Managing the rest of life while this work is in progress is going to be a challenge. This is the main (actually, only) living area in the house, and keeping the dogs corralled and myself out of the way is going to be tricky, so I'm glad we're starting with the worst of the projects first. The cats and their dishes will be exiled to the garage - they won't mind, they hang out there a lot anyway. The dogs will have to spend a lot of time in their crates or closed up in my bedroom, and they are going to HATE it, because if anything is going on in his house Murphy MUST supervise. I am not looking forward to this, but I AM looking forward to seeing this room transformed. The current colors have been on the walls since my husband painted it in...1997-ish? Way too long. The room will be repainted in a creamy light beige, with sage green below the chair rail, and will look fresh and updated and new, both for my future tenants and any future buyer, on down the road next year.

Bye-bye, old living room!


Anonymous said...

Hell to live through- it will be so great when it's done though!

k said...

Poor Murphy!

That color combination sounds wonderful. Cool and homey at the same time.

Anonymous said...

I have ordered new storage for my sewing room and want to repaint. I have chosen sage for the walls, and want to paint the woodwork a kind of almond-y cream color to match my sewing cabinet, which has a melamine finish that can't be painted. I'm doing this on the cheap, with knock-down furniture I ordered from Amazon.Com, but I want to do allot of sewing and quilting this winter, and am looking forward to a fresh, clean, well-organized workspace. I used the free (translation: Slow Boat to China) shipping from Amazon, so I thought I would have at least two weeks before the furniture arrived, but it is supposed to get here Friday! Yikes! Looks like this crafty chica is going to be doing some painting over the weekend. Just thought I would share---I think it's because we have the sage & cream thing in common.

Brenda in Iowa

Catherine said...

Sage and cream is lovely - it's soothing and neutral but not completely BO-rrring! Good luck with your project - mine is rocking right along so far, I hope yours does too.