Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Sophie really wishes she'd been spayed this summer.

Do dogs get cramps? Because she sure seems human right now.


KatyaR said...

Poor sweetie!!!

Catherine said...

She was miserable all day, and just wanted to cuddle - didn't sleep, just rested her head and looked tired and sad. I can only promise her that she won't go through this again.

Teresa said...

Bless her sweet little heart. I feel for her.

I went through this years ago with a female dog and it was horrible. Couldn't keep the little panty thing on, etc. At least she'll be over it by the time you move, thank goodness.

Give her a gentle hug for me and my two "big girls" Casey and Jasmine.


Amy in StL said...

I'll bet they get the same crampy icky feeling we do. Poor thing, they can't even have chocolate to help!

besshaile said...

I would swear they do. My only female who ever went into heat clung to me wimpering "where's the Midol". yeah. I know. I'm almost 60. :p