Thursday, September 02, 2010


The mirrored wall is down, and the drywall behind it is in GREAT shape! I had been dreading this, because there was no way to know if we had extensive water damage behind the mirrors. One very small area at the ceiling near the fireplace needed to be cut away and replaced; the rest is perfectly clean and dry. WHAT a relief.

The contractor is wonderful - she really knows her stuff, does great work, and is a very pleasant person, which is important because she'll be here for several days, working through my ever-lengthening fix-up list. This was the biggest and baddest item on the list, and it's turned out to be a lot less intensive than we'd feared.

Today will be a very messy day - sanding the wall. Time to unplug my beloved iMac and take it to safety in the bedroom.


Jane in Alabama said...

Isn't it a relief to get some of those things on "the list" taken care of? Our plumber is here today, helping us chew down our list.

Anonymous said...

Oh wow. About time for some good news! That will look lovely when it's painted with a fresh coat of paint. Like someone mentioned earlier this week- one bite at a time.