Friday, October 22, 2010

Friday Already?

The days are FLYING. Seriously. I'm hitting the "freaking out a bit" stage, when the countdown clock to the wedding read 16 days this morning. That means 14 days until Boy and Family arrive, and 21 until the moving van arrives, and in between we have, oh yeah, my daughter's WEDDING! We were laughing about it the other day - December is going to seem so calm by comparison.

I am plugging along, filling a few boxes a day, deciding what moves, stays here, or gets tossed. It feels endless, but a couple of kitchen cabinets are empty and the big closet in the hall is cleaned out, and though I feel like I'm in a moving version of Groundhog Day, I am slogging through it all. My goal is to have all-but-that-which-is-needed-to-live packed up before the wedding so I can enjoy the weekend without stressing about what will follow, then I'll have Tues, Wed. and Thurs. for last minute packing. It'll come together. It's a frenzy of details, people to notify, utilities to transfer, on and on, accompanied by what feels like drunken sailor spending, but it's coming together.

One major thing is off the Shit to Do list: Miss Sophie had her big girl operation yesterday. I was going to postpone it, but counted on my fingers and realized we could just get it in under the wire. I wanted to have the vets I've known for 15 years do her operation before we move.

Mommy sez she got me fixed. I tole her I wasn't bwoke!


Anonymous said...

Poor baby. All these problems, and then she has to move!

Anonymous said...

look at that face. But you will feel so much better after a few weeks! Both of you.

Anonymous said...

Poor Sophie, that is a wonderful picture.

Joan said...

Awww... sweet baby, no more "pants of shame" for you!

KatyaR said...

Poor sweetie--she looks so sad! Hopefully she'll be bopping along again soon.

zippiknits said...

Poor Sweet little gal. She'll be her happy little self soon enough, though.