Monday, May 27, 2013

A Practically Perfect Long Weekend.

Winning the lottery would have improved it, but that's about all.  It was the perfect blend- some productive things, fun things, sun, water, good food, sleep. 

The weather was remarkably wonderful for Florida on Memorial Day - hot sun, relatively low humidity, and the breeze still had a breath of fresh air in it. It's not the Exhaust Fan from Satan's Laundromat yet.  That'll probably arrive next weekend, and hang around until Thanksgiving, so we take our breaks from the blast furnace when we can get them.

Two swims this weekend, which might be as many as I managed all last summer.  I really don't remember, but I know I didn't walk the 3 minutes to the pool much.  I'm really serious about actually going to the pool this year, because it feels so, so good.

I was amused by how the pool now has KIDS. When I moved here in 2011 I joked that I was one of the babies in the neighborhood. That has changed, and I like it.  Well, I thought the mom of the screaming 4 year old didn't handle her issues very well, but I'd far rather watch children play than listen to the two guys who could give directions to places for an hour:

"No, it's two miles past that."

"Two miles?  I always take a left before that intersection, the back way is faster."

And on, and on, and when I next tuned in, they were debating the most efficient way to get to some other destination.  I read my book, sipped my Diet Coke from my big insulated tumbler, and tuned out the screaming 4 year old and the two guys who could discuss directions until I wanted to drown them both. (And you wonder why I'm happily single.)

I'm finally, finally getting around to a book I bought years back - The Devil in the White City: Murder, Magic, and Madness at the Fair that Changed America

Awesome book.  I love juicy non-fiction that reads like fiction, and damn, this man can write.  I think I've found my poolside reading for the next month - I'm a realist; it'll take me that long to get through it at the pool. 

While I'm talking about good things - this excellent recipe.

Seriously, that is delicious, and looks all colorful and vibrant, too.  My version used 4 small fresh tomatoes, at least 8 smallish kalamata olives, and perhaps a bit more than two tablespoons of capers.  Fresh organic baby spinach, and the pasta was this stuff. (NOT a paid endorsement. Not that I'm against monetizing my blogging; I just don't have enough traffic to get paid for it.)  Anyway, the end result was gorgeous and loaded with flavor, color, everything.  I give this recipe five forks.

And tomorrow is Tuesday, and while this was a fabulous weekend and I'd like it to last longer, I don't mind going to work.  Another Good Thing.


Janet said...

I have totally bookmarked that pasta!

Yay for a good long weekend. :-)

Catherine said...

It's a WONDERFUL recipe - easy as it gets, full of flavor, and great leftovers. I modified it with far less oil and vegan parmesan, and it was still amazing. This is going into the regular recipe repeat.

Brenda said...

I love that book too---some of the victims mentioned were from towns around here, like Muscatine, Iowa. I have also been to the museum that is housed in the only remaining structure that survived the fair many times. We are having EPIC rains here---the forecast is calling for another week of it. They had to close some main streets today because they were under water.