Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Going on Bedtime

And I'm just finishing dinner.  Yeah, that whole "post every day in May" thing was a victim of reality. 

Tonight I attended a meeting with my boss - I'm somehow the community point of contact on a proposed project.   Turnout was surprisingly big - usually two or three usual suspect crank types show up for these things. We had around a dozen people, and only one minorly cranky type, and his issue had nothing to do with us.  He thinks our proposed project is nice.  A city commissioner in attendance dealt with his issues, very deftly.  Everybody else had only nice things to say about our proposed project, and one had useful information about a local issue to share, so, yay!  It was a good meeting.

I got home at 7:30. Fed and walked dogs. I'd come home midday to give them a break, because I knew it would be a long evening, and they were happy to see me, hungry, and the floor was clean.

This was a particular accomplishment for Murphy, who pooped explosively when I took him out.  Yeah, not good.  Good that he held it, not good that he's explosively liquid again.

Last night I stayed up until after 10 to give him a late walkie, because he's also peeing like a horse.  And drinking water like a camel at a watering hole, and yeah, prednisone, and kidneys, and 13 years old....  I hoped that an after 10 pee would let me sleep in, but no, he was frantic again at 4:20 this morning.  Poor dog. Poor me. 

Otherwise, he's bright, happy, chipper, full of himself.  No vomiting, certainly no lethargy, he's bright eyed and happy as hell when he wakes me at 4 am to pee. 

I am less chipper, and I am definitely feeling lethargic at the moment.

Time for another walkie, then early bedtime, for reals.  If I am going to be awakened at an ungodly early hour, I need to go to sleep at an ungodly early hour.   Good Night.

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