Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day

to every mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, foster mother, the aunts who are there for their nieces and nephews, the women who are like moms to kids they didn't bear, and to the devoted moms of the four-legged, especially those who devote their lives to animal rescue.   You don't have to give birth to be a great mom to someone who really needs the love and care you give.

I'm not one who puts a huge stock in Mother's Day - it's fun, but I don't care all that much, yanno?  I don't measure my happiness by the fabulousness of my Mother's Day.  It was a fun day, for sure.  I got gifts from my offspring, I went to Target, I did laundry, my son called and we talked for a long time (think good thoughts, Internets, for his new business venture - he absolutely rocks at it, but giving up a sure thing boring job that is bringing in a grand a week lately is scary and he can't quite bring himself to do it yet).  

Supergirl, chowing down at a big family dinner - today wasn't just Mother's Day, it was her great-grandpa Poppy's 85th birthday AND her aunt and uncle's anniversary.  They partied all day, and I hate like hell that the commute is so far.  I wanted to be there so much it hurt.  I did get my son to send me ONE stinking picture. He's awful about that.  She's beautiful, though I wish he'd told her to use her napkin before snapping that one.  Men.  ;-)

My son reports that she can now print her letters, and carefully wrote "I love you Mommy" on her mom's Mother's Day card, with Daddy helping with spelling.  She was three in March.  Not bad. 

I miss them, and Asheville, so very, very much, but I am where I am meant to be right now.  I'm having fun, and for better or worse, Florida development seems to be my curse/destiny, and I do need to live/eat/save for retirement.  

My new job is challenging and my boss is quite the character - he's so plugged into all sorts of interesting things and knows SO many people. His wife, too - I can't get too detailed without "outing" my blog and connecting it to my working life, and I'm really still trying to keep this just private life stuff.  But it's cool. I've found people I can connect with, who are involved in issues I share, at least in the big picture.  I'm more environmentalist/crunchy, but we are on the same page and have the same core values. I certainly don't have to listen to a friggin' Ayn Rand fan club in the cube farm, or actually hear a secretary wish that somebody would shoot the president, like on my LAST office job.  Yes, that is all true, and I do have Corporate PTSD.  But I appear to have lucked into this gig, and we'll see where it takes me.

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