Thursday, May 16, 2013

Commence Measuring and Planning!

I did the fastest loan closing in my life this afternoon - I swear the guy doing the closing blew through the docs in 5 minutes.  (He'd been doing this for 30 years, and I'd reviewed them online beforehand, so we just plunged in and signed and flipped paper.)

Now, the hard part. I have enough money to do what I need to do on this place over the next year.  From this point forward, it's all measuring, planning, budgeting, cleaning, moving, scheduling, supervising, and figuring out WTF to do with the dogs. 

And lots of pictures. I've promised pictures of the process, and this blog has been languishing without a purpose for months now.  We now have a Theme:  The Bossy Little Dogs Remodel a Condo!

This weekend:  I'll snap pictures of the most offensive things I really want to replace, and the most challenging issues I'm dealing with (besides the fact that there isn't a square room in the place, and even the kitchen cabinets are all angles and weirdness) to update this place on a budget.  

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