Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Tiredly Tired.

But in a pleasant, fun, annoyed yet challenged way.

I work for a really small corporate staff now, and one of our guys (the financial guy who has been around forever) lives out of state now.  He's plugged in via phone and email and network, and makes occasional trips in person to visit the mothership.  His last visit was before I started in March. I was truly tickled to find out, totally by accident because nobody announced it, that he'll be here all next week!

I have been calling him several times a day for the last month or so, and he's always hilarious, smart, and helpful, and we have bonded over the phone.  (Just stand down, you romance-minded types.  He has a man in his life. Story of my freaking life. The good ones are always either happily married to women, or would be happily married if they lived in a state that let them marry.)

But I can't wait to meet him in person and hug him around the neck, and then grab him by the neck for an hour of showing me where to find shit I need to know about the shit we do, and that hug around the neck might get really tight until he downloads a calendar of filing deadlines I should know about, instead of being blindsided about details of shit that got dropped a year before I took the job, and that are now suddenly important.

Yeah, sounds stressful, but somehow, I'm able to roll with it.  I just secretly giggle about how other people think the Boss is so hard to deal with. Honey, you ain't seen the hard to deal with I've seen.  For me, this is the Teddy Bear Picnic.

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