Monday, May 20, 2013


Tonight I drove home through some of the worst rain I've ever experienced, and let's keep in mind that I actually drove from Tallahassee to Orlando in the backside of Hurricane Frances, when the only people on the road were emergency vehicles, power company trucks, and a half dozen lunatics like me.  (I still look back on that and wonder WTF I was thinking.)

I thought the rain was quite something, then I turned on the TV and saw the breathtaking devastation in Oklahoma.  Suddenly, blogging about rain that flooded normally well drained roads to the point that the wake Baby cut through the water was up to the windows felt silly. Not worth mentioning.   (Baby is awesome. She took it all in stride and didn't even think of stalling, even though she was basically an amphibious vehicle for about three miles.  When she is finally old enough to retire, in maybe another 100k miles, I will get another Subaru.)  It was a very, very, very intense, heavy rain, like freakishly bad, but that's all it was.  (I need to treat Baby to an oil change and maybe a trip to the fancy detailer place next weekend. She needs pampering - she's an awesome little vehicle.)  It was just a staggering amount of water falling from the sky.  We didn't even lose power.

I am terrified of tornadoes - they are the worst part of hurricanes for me.  I can deal with straight line wind peeling shingles from my roof, I can deal with rain, I can deal with power outages - BTDT, several times, but I can't deal with something that can drop out of the sky and blow concrete block homes apart in the middle of the night, or at rush hour, or while kids are in school.  We get tornadoes here and they can do major damage, but usually on a smaller scale - they'll drop down, cut a small swath of major damage, and vanish. They don't take out an entire town in minutes.  Oklahoma is living my worst nightmare right now.

So, no blathering about new kitchen cabinets. Not in the mood.  

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