Wednesday, June 05, 2013

And Storm Season Is Off and Running.

Lovely.  Like this week didn't have enough shit going on already.

Actually, Andrea is only predicted to give us boatloads - like, up to six inches in some areas - of rain.  No real wind and drama, at least I hope not, because this one caught me totally flat-footed - I'll live, I have the basics on hand, but not serious storm supplies.  But no worries, I'll be at work tomorrow, because if we stayed home every time we got hit with massive rainstorms in summer, nothing would ever get done.

I do feel really, really sorry for a  colleague who is going on her FIRST REAL VACATION in 33 years of marriage - meaning, a vacation that didn't involve visiting relatives.  And she's going to a Gulf beach that is about to be hit by a tropical storm.  That really, really sucks.

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