Friday, June 21, 2013

Friday, Oh Friday, I'm So Glad To See You.

This was another crazy week at work, but thankfully the Boss Man has left on vacation.  I have some serious plans for getting organized while he's gone, and a break from the steady stream of new issues is most welcome.
We've been having really violent thunderstorms, with huge amounts of lighting and epic levels of rainfall, nearly every afternoon.  No sign of it letting up, either.  The good news: nobody's talking about the level of the water in the aquifer anymore.  The bad: epic rainfall and huge amounts of lighting every afternoon.  These aren't the old time, traditional little pop-up showers that refresh the air every day around 4.  These roll in a bit later, and with such violence they are frightening.  If this is June, I can't wait to see August.

When I may be in the middle of my kitchen remodel.  My designer will be back at work on Monday, and I want to go sit down with her ASAP and get started.  I am both excited and in "Let's get this over with!" mode.  I am fully aware of the upheaval and inconvenience involved in a kitchen tear-out, and I want to put it behind me.

Monday evening's truly Spielberg-esque thunderstorm fried something in my cable box, and I"ve been without a working TV in the living room all week.  I couldn't even get through to customer service on the phone, their lines have been jammed.  I called at 6 this morning and got through immediately, and scheduled an appointment for tomorrow at 4.  It's not an emergency, internet is still working, and I spent the evening of the storm catching up on back episodes of True Blood on HBO GO on my iPad.   (And was totally dazzled by the quality of the picture and sound on the iPad.) 

Murphy was feeling poorly lately - not terribly sick, but definitely droopy, and with a lot of runny poop episodes - so it was back to the doctor Wednesday afternoon.  He's back on metronidazole and prednisone, and the doctor added a wildly expensive, but apparently tasty, probiotic. He bounced back overnight, and is now as energetically demanding as ever.  This is too accurate.

Tomorrow it will be back to Home Depot for more countertop samples, and to return the backsplash tile I'd selected. I like the colors, but I'm not crazy about the squares.  I'm thinking I want to go with something like this subway tile look:

My kitchen is small but very open, and gets tons of natural light.  I am leaning toward darker cabinets in a sleek Ikea-like look (not the style above; that's just an illustration of a subway tile backsplash).  I feel a plan coming together, or at least a color scheme.

And now it's off to another day of bringing order out of chaos at the office, followed by more of the same here at the House of the Bossy Little Dogs.  It's what I do.

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Linda said...

Boss on vaca = get stuff done uninterrupted.
Your Yorkie on steroids...snicker:)
And I like the subway tile style.