Saturday, June 22, 2013

I Am An Idiot

Among other things.

I have to tell my "I'm an idiot" story.  The cable box got toasted in the insanely huge storm on Monday.  I'd been okay with that, because I could watch HBO GO on my iPad.  So, today, after errands were run and laundry was done and groceries were tucked away, I sat down to turn on Apple TV.  And, wait, what?  HBO GO?  So yeah, I didn't actually have to watch HBO on the iPad. I could have turned on the teevee and Apple TV,  and set up the connection from there.  I made a small dent in Season 5 of True Blood while waiting for the cable guys.

Oh, and Bright House? One of your Hello Friend! campaign things should be training your field guys not to treat women customers like idiots.  I suspected from the start that a connection in the box was fried.  I couldn't get through to them for days (it was a hell of a storm, followed by other things and I really wasn't trying all that hard, and this is just cable, so I am not really bitching) and when I did, at 6 a.m. yesterday, they promptly set a service call for this afternoon.  No complaints. 

They showed up within 30 minutes of the start of their 2 hour window.  But OMG, really, please don't send these condescending guys who ask if the connection might have been loose?  (Because you know, I'm a woman, and we don't know when things fit properly.)

After fiddling around for 15 minutes, he agreed with my initial diagnosis: the cable box was fried.  He swapped it out, it's all better than new.  It only took FOUR phone calls and two frustrating conversations with men who were sure it was not their equipment's failure (heh, make of that what you will) to get the box swapped and everything working just freaking fine.

And now that I know that I can get HBO GO on my Apple TV box, guess what is getting moved to the bedroom? And I'm getting an inexpensive 32 inch TV to sit atop the bookcases where the teeny weenie teevee I never watch sits now, because whoa, that will be Nice!


Brenda said...

I have an off-brand tablet and a Netflix subscription. I really like being able to take it out on my deck and watching it. I work in my LYS, and I can use the shop's WiFi to watch it between customers. I'm into "Breaking Bad" right now.

Unknown said...

Welcome to the wonderful world of cost containment and to some extent the result 'LEAN' practices in technical services. I'm out in the field as an Apps specialst and sometimes get some of this from my own TS dept. grrr!

Catherine said...

I blame the money spent on their "Hello Friend!" ad campaign. Customer service was better when I was just a customer. Now that I'm a Friend, they take me for granted and put me off. ;-)