Monday, June 03, 2013


Murphy seems much better.  I'm glad I didn't rush him to the vet.  He greeted me tonight all bright-eyed and perky,  his belly is soft and normal, he pooped totally normally, and while this is I'm sure just another loop of the cycle of this disease, it appears that the downward slide I'd feared isn't imminent.

On a totally different note, Miss D was playing with her mom's phone and wanted to call me, so my daughter dialed, and Miss D said, "Hi Grandma!"  Suddenly she can say it very, very clearly. Then she called hi to Sophie - S-ophie, not Wophie or Wophiedog - "Hi Sophie!"  She's 19 months going on three, and her speech and other abilities are just growing in leaps and bounds, almost daily.  She's a kid. 

I love babies, but I have to say, I like them even more when you can have a conversation.


Anonymous said...

At about the same age, eldest grandchild was visiting, and on a walk on the beach pointed out the "peclans", and commented that Oma had a lot of "peclan" ornaments (true).
Two weeks later when I used the "peclan" word I was very sternly corrected, "it's not peclans, Oma, it's PELICANS" Ooooops !!

Eldest grandchild will be 18 in a months time. When did THAT happen?

Gae, in Callala Bay

Catherine said...

Amazing, isn't it? I'm going to miss "Wophiedog," but she's a big girl now and says Sophie clear as you please.