Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Oh, Dear God, What Have I DONE?

My schedule for the next two months plus is insane. On top of the wall-to-wall remodeling project (scheduled before the last piece of the OMG dropped into place the other day), I have to complete 45 hours of online education for my real estate license. This is not just a zone out and click screens thing; there are chapter tests you must pass and a comprehensive exam at the end, or I will lose my FL license and not be able to use these hours toward my NC continuing ed, which means I have to at least take good notes while clicking. I also need to schedule time in the morning - get up extra early and knock out a chunk each day.

And work is sheer insanity on the best of days. I am negotiating for a NICE raise. Boss Man is not going to get away with throwing me a few bucks for this shit; I have proven my worth and he agrees that we have to re-negotiate my salary. I got hired at basically generic "experienced paralegal" pay in this market, because I was hired to manage his portion of his world and keep him organized. Yeah, I suspected after the first few weeks that the job description was basically bullshit, and I've already told him we would be re-negotiating my salary, and he agreed. The work I am doing is highly specialized, complicated, and requires a hell of a lot more development and government and corporate law knowledge than any generic "experienced" paralegal has ever even seen. Fortunately, he's a really, truly good guy and knows this.

I'm now somehow going to be managing the nuts and bolts of a massive, important, not exaggerating when I say the future of the company hangs on the outcome project that will wrap up in mid-October. And, like everything else I've been thrown since I started the job, I've never done anything like this before. But I get it, and I am not in it alone; a guy I like is officially in charge and I will not hesitate to throw problems I can't fix at him, so it's not THAT horrifying. But the many moving parts of herding the cats on the team, and checking their homework, and stage-managing EIGHT different project applications at once - yeah, that's my next two and a half months. Oh, and that's on top of everything I'm already doing; that's not going away.

I didn't know that this shit was going to hit my particular fan when I scheduled this massive home remodeling project; the dates are driven by outside forces. Right now, it looks like the remodeling will be wrapped up before this gets too insane, but I may be scarce around This Olde Blogge for the next couple of months. (I know, I know - like this is different?)

Yet, I am not stressed. Incredibly busy, juggling many things, but not freaked out about any of it. Somehow, meditation and affirmations and healthy eating and exercise and yes, knitting when I can find the time, has changed my internal wiring in a very good way. I love feeling challenged, and this is all very energizing!


Anonymous said...

Aaaah! Murphy's Law strikes again, with sincere apologies to the Bossy One.
Although the Bossy One might just try a bit of experimental spanner-in-the-works if he feels like it.
Do what you have to do, we will still be here when you come up for air.
Best of luck with it all,

Gae, in Callala Bay

Brenda said...

Yeah---can't you give Murphy and Sophie all your passwords and show them how to use the camera? They could take over the blog for a few weeks, unless you are afraid of them letting a few cats out of the bag. (Really bad pun intended. . . sorry.)

besshaile said...

So long as you're not stressed - sounds like a lot of fun and boy - come Christmas will it be all worth it as you sit back in your lovely new home and enjoy a sip of the good stuff.