Sunday, August 25, 2013

A few of the many boxes.

It's hard to get a picture that shows the size of the pile, but they are stacked two or three high and two or three deep, and that's not the entire load; the rest are down in the garage. There are also three large boxes of light fixtures, and of course the many boxes of stuff I've had to unload from the kitchen, vanity, and wet bar.

Tear-out happens Wednesday. The cabinet guys could have come sooner, but the soonest the electrician can get here to do the electrical rough-in is Friday. Then, if all goes well with scheduling, the flooring guy will be able to get in and take out the existing tile. Not sure how that's going to work out, because he hasn't returned my phone call. The flooring store gave me a contact number and email for him, but it appears to be for a woman. Business associate, wife, girlfriend? Whoever it is, I didn't get a return call. If I don't hear from him on Monday I'll call the store and see if they have an alternate number.

I've been thinking about how I will manage to stick to my mostly plant-based diet without a functioning kitchen, and it seems like a fine time to go mostly raw. My daughter and I are making another Costco run today, and I'm stocking up on raw veggies and fruits that require minimal prep work. This will be supplemented with occasional take-out, delivery and neighborhood restaurant meals, of course, but I think I will manage just fine. We have a fridge at the office, and I can stock it with fruits and salad and hummus and whole grain crackers. I may even lose the stubborn last 10 pounds this way.

I am amused at the change in my own attitude about my diet. Once Upon a Time, even the threat of an approaching hurricane was a reason to throw dietary discipline aside and stock up on packaged junk, because you can't be expected to eat normally when OMG STORM!! Now, I'm plotting ways to keep eating my fruits, veggies and whole grains without a functional kitchen. I've become one of Those People, better late than never.

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