Sunday, August 11, 2013

And Another Weekend Ends.

I was so super-productive yesterday, today I barely had the energy to reach for the remote. I did go buy dog food (at the vet, and $24 a bag) and go to Target for a couple of storage bins and toothpaste and other glam things, and bind off and block a linen shawl. I'm too lazy to take a photo. It's another no-brainer knitting project, my favorite kind, and the kind I find myself actually using most often in real life. Love this. I love it so much, I have cast on another, using two skeins of black Euroflax from the stash. It also inspired me to score some nearly extinct multi-color Euroflax from ebay, because I know some people who would look fabulous with a wrap in that multi-color bronze.

Oh, and when I say "blocked" a linen shawl, this goes with the theme of "lazy." Blocking linen: Throw linen item in washing machine for a beating, no need to be dainty. Throw linen item in dryer, let it flop around until still slightly damp. Throw linen item on flat surface, and stretch into place with your hands until the appropriate shape, and leave it until fully dry. Congratulations, you have blocked linen! Grab a beer and go sit by the pool.

You can see why I like knitting linen.

We had been having nearly daily heavy rain, and suddenly it stopped. And now it's insanely hot, so hot that at 7:30 this evening, I thought Sophie was going to faint on a short evening walk. Still in the 90s and humid at 7:30. Yeah.

We've had a quiet hurricane season so far, but I'm now going to apply Catherine's Entirely Unscientific Theory of Hurricane Probability, based on 30+ years in Florida. A pattern of nearly daily heavy thunderstorms = fewer big "name" storms. When the afternoon rain doesn't come and the heat builds, that seems to be when it gets weird. My kitchen cabinets will arrive a week from this Friday. Yeah, sounds like time for a tropical storm.


Anonymous said...

You saw Dr. Jeff somebody - Masters? at Wunderground, right? 15 named, 3 big, is his best guess. I think.


Anonymous said...

HA! You don't need NOAA to call it for you!