Sunday, August 18, 2013

Hmmm. Yeah.

Daily Cancer Horoscope

Sunday, Aug 18, 2013 -- You are at the beginning of a three-week phase where your needs may be in stark contrast with what is offered to you in the real world. The key is to seek balance between experiencing new pleasures and getting your most basic needs met so you can feel secure. This is not a time to go overboard with indulgences. Nevertheless, you will be surprised how happy you can be if you just take care of the bare minimums and leave the rest up to the universe.

The first sentence jumped out at me - yes, three weeks in chaos is about to begin. I haven't even figured out what I will do with the dogs, other than make them spend unhappy days cooped up in this guest room/office, where Murphy will I'm sure damage the door in a frenzy of Desire to Supervise the Work.

It's not as grim as that. I work a few minutes away and have a flexible day, and I can come home and check on them and give them love, and check on the work's progress, and, if absolutely necessary, work from home a bit, and go into the office on the weekend if I need to. So I will focus on getting my most basic needs met and do what I have to do, and be happy and leave the rest up to the Universe. Unless the Universe decides to deliver contractors who don't show up as promised, in which case I will NOT be happy.


Brenda said...

Where are you getting your astrology info from? I was reading Astrology Zone, but I don't think that lady could be more inaccurate if she tried. My internet service provider has a daily horoscope on their home page, and I am surprised at how it seems to nail things on the head fairly often.

Catherine said... - Rick Levine. Yeah, Astrology Zone lady has been off the mark for me too. :-)