Tuesday, September 10, 2013

A belated sappy mom birthday post about my son.

Who turned 33 yesterday. (Yeah, how the hell did THAT happen, when I'm barely 40??? Wait...what?) I didn't post anything here, but I wrote a little something on Facebook. He finally joined Facebook for business reasons - one of the last holdouts on the planet! But what I wrote doesn't matter. What made my motherly eyes mist with happiness (not snarking) were the comments from his wife, his mother-in-law, other inlaws, friends...it's quite touching to read such wonderful things about your kid. He's generous and selfless, always smiling, always has a kind word - not that I don't know how wonderful he is, but you know, it's really beautiful to see that the world shares my opinion.

He was an adorable and precocious baby, and he's a wonderful man. Kinda makes this not being a mere girl of 40 anymore a bit worth it. Just a bit. But it does.

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besshaile said...

Happy Birthday to Cliff - and to his mom who did all the werk