Saturday, September 07, 2013

Cabinets! No floor, lighting, countertop, sink, appliances...but CABINETS!



Cabinets are IN! And I love them! There are things that definitely need tweaking, and of course everything is far from done, but I'm very happy.


Random upper and lower cabinets with no electrical outlets nearby:


My sexy, sexy pantry cabinet, with its lovely, beautiful roll-out shelving. This was my biggest Must Have, and I'm so glad I spent the bucks. Of course, it did prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that we need to relocate the light fixture - right now there's a huge, useless ceiling fan that, like everything else in this place, is off-kilter. It always looked weird, but now that the cabinets are in...

Yeah. The airplane propeller of uselessness was close to the old cabinet too, but this one is several inches deeper, so...yeah. We'll be moving the future kitchen pendant fixture about 8 inches, and patching another hole in the ceiling.

There are only two drawers in the new cabinets, but the lower cabinets have the sexy roll-out shelving too:

These cabinets are also TALL.

Storage for infrequently used serving dishes? Not a problem.



The area formerly known as the wet bar is coming along very nicely, but it, too, needs finishing touches beyond the obvious, glaring lack of a countertop. Somehow the kitchen designer thought I wanted wood-look shelving, and shipped materials to make them (but no brackets to hang them), and I'd always pictured glass shelves, because there is an overhead light that would shine down through the glass and look all fancy-like. So the shelf material will be returned, and I'll have to find a glass company that can do the glass shelves.



The master bath vanity continues the theme of USEFUL STORAGE SPACE, with SIX drawers. Only one sink, but IME, sharing a sink is seldom the issue; sharing storage and countertop territory is more annoying. So rather than wasting precious horizontal space and spending the money to change the plumbing to add a sink, I chose to add SIX lovely large drawers. Again, obviously the wall needs sanding and painting, and I need to find a mirror and a better light fixture, and so on, but I'm already really happy with the look. (The vanity is exactly the same color as the kitchen and former bar; I have no idea why it photographed so reddish.)

Again, we're a long way from DONE, but it's taking shape, and I'm totally satisfied with the way it's coming together.


Anonymous said...

Very, very smart, and the pull out shelves are a winner.
Love pulling the stuff at the BACK of the cabinet into easy reach.
So right about the bathroom vanity -- I think the thing about two hand basins is just plain SILLY, no real use except to make the plumber richer. The extra drawer space is pure GOLD

Gae, in Callala Bay

Catherine said...

I realize that I failed to take a picture of the interior of the old cabinets, but the lower kitchen cabinets had half-depth upper shelves, which meant you had to kneel on the floor and nearly needed a flashlight to find anything. One of my instructions to the designer was "If there is a roll out shelf option, I want it." In raw cabinet count, I think I'm down 3 drawers, two cabinets and some fairly useless counter space, but I will not need the folding bookcase I had to use for the coffeemaker and to store my many bins of beans and rice and such.

besshaile said...

oooo nice. Roll out shelves are my dream desire too. some day.