Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Cabinets Tomorrow!

Well, some of them, anyway. I'll find out from the installer how many days he thinks it'll take. I'm guessing three to be on the safe side, and scheduled the countertop template for next Tuesday afternoon. Appliances will arrive on Saturday, the 14th, but until there is a countertop there will be no dishwasher and sink, so while the appliances will be pretty to look at, I won't be cooking until the countertop and sink are in, which is also when the dishwasher will be hooked up. Flooring starts on the 16th.

Electrical inspection and drywall both happened today, hooray! The inspector was very nice, the drywall guys were too, and the ugly wall where the big mirror came down in the master bath is now a pretty wall. I will put up a smaller, (though still large) more decorative mirror instead of the big wall o' glass. The second hole in the ceiling is beautifully patched, and when the new light fixture goes up, the smoked glass and swag chain days will be officially OVER.

The days are passing, I'm getting used to living in kitchen-less squalor, and I finished my post-licensing exam for Florida today - got a 95 on the final! I actually went back and changed answers, too, normally considered a bad idea - but I found three on a second read that I just plain effed up the first time. Now I have to figure out how to submit it to NC so I can get credit there too - North Carolina is a pain in the butt.

I am not eating very healthily or very plant based, and I'm much more tired than usual. Coincidence? I think not.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, I did not know about the smoked glass and chain fixture. So glad it will be better.