Tuesday, September 03, 2013

I miss having a kitchen.

I really, really miss having a kitchen sink. You don't realize how vital your kitchen sink is until you are reduced to washing the few plates and cups you use in a small bathroom sink.

And the installation of my countertop and kitchen sink just moved a day further out - scheduling issue with county electrical inspection means he didn't come today, may not make it tomorrow. Electrical inspector has to see the work before the drywall guy can come patch the holes. Cabinets can't start going in until drywall guy is done. I know it'll all be done by the end of the month, but seriously, I miss my kitchen sink.


Teresa said...

Here's an idea for you - Paper Plates and Cups!

Catherine said...

I am using paper plates and cups. But I still have random non-paper things to clean every day, and I'm very limited in my meal prep options.

Joan said...

I forgot, how far does DD live from you? Any chance of a hot meal over there at the weekend?

It'll all be over soon. And you will have your reward!