Sunday, September 29, 2013

Progress Reports.

Kitchen Progress:

I have appliances! It's starting to look like a kitchen!

This light was a FIND. It looks like a small skylight and it gives a lovely, comfortable level of light to most of the room. I'm SO glad I found it - even the electrician was impressed; he'd never seen one before. I have a small eating area at that end of the kitchen, but, like everything else in this condo, it's irregularly shaped. Trying to figure out where a pendant lamp would hang over a table was crazy-making. This ceiling height light has a 50,000 hour lifespan and unobtrusively does its job way up high, where table placement doesn't matter. It's not bright and glaring; it has a pleasant, warm light. I'm VERY happy with this - I'd say it is second only to the Amazing Vinyl Plank Floor in awesomeness.

Murphy would like you to know that the prednisone is calming things down, and he approves of the kitchen.


Delaney funny: She came over yesterday for the first time in WEEKS - I'd had wires sticking out of walls and general construction mayhem going on here for a long time. She greeted the dogs, the dogs were ecstatic, then she went to her Grandma's House Toys (Legos are the favorites) and started building things. She had no comment on the changes to Grandma's House. She got bored with building, and got up and walked around (by now, half an hour has passed). She was standing near the fireplace when she stopped and looked around, and said quietly to herself, "Carpet." She looked at me, gestured at the floor, and announced: "Gamma, carpet all gone!" Then she had to go from room to room to check out the changes, and confirm that all the carpet was indeed all gone. But the balcony was still off limits, full of plastic tubs of Grandma's Stuff, and the balcony is her favorite thing about Grandma's, so yeah, the new floor didn't impress her. By next weekend I promise the balcony will be clean and operational. She LOVES the balcony.

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