Saturday, September 07, 2013

P.S. about the flooring.

The cabinet installer has another life - he breeds and shows dogs. So of course we had a lot of doggy talk while he was working, and it did relate to my remodeling. We were discussing flooring and I said I was going with luxury vinyl tile in an oak look. He has LVT in his own home, and raved about it. He has six collies and said the floor is basically invincible; their toenails don't leave a mark. Toenail gouges were never an issue with my two little dogs of course, but it was nice to get the dog person seal of approval. He likes it so much, he wants to use it in the RV they use on the show circuit.

Flooring installation starts on the 16th. I'm impatient to get this all done, not just because the process is inconvenient, but because I just can't wait to see how it will all come together.

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