Friday, September 27, 2013

SIGH.....Notice anything missing?

They fucked up the template, and the sink-and-dishwasher-and-bar portion of the counter has to be re-measured and re-manufactured. In other words...MOST OF IT.

I came home from work at 10 a.m., with work to do from here, and waited for the counter top guys to arrive. They came in. They checked measurements. They conferred. My Spanish is limited, but I knew from their tone and the numbers they were discussing that something was wrong. I didn't go back to the office and leave them to it; I decided to stick around and see what transpired.

A manager showed up. I was kept in the dark a while longer. The manager then approached me and confessed - their very expensive fancy laser measuring machine had seriously fucked up, and they have to start from scratch on that portion of the counter.

My dreams of having a working kitchen sink on Monday died with his words. I asked how quickly they could fix it, and he said that they would rush it. He then got on the phone and came back to report that the soonest they could send someone to re-measure and do a manual template this time was TUESDAY. At that point, I started losing it. I am insanely busy at work right now, I just lost an entire morning to this, and now he wants me to lose a portion of Tuesday, then wait again, then we install, then we wait again for the plumber to hook things up, and I felt tears of frustration, exhaustion and rage tickling my eyes.

I threw a righteous but calm, dignified and dry-eyed fit, and got him to schedule the template for tomorrow, instead of TUESDAY, and I have the manager's card, so I can ride his ass to make sure they are back NEXT WEEKEND, not in two weeks. And then I called Home Depot, where their expediter totally agreed with me that the plumber will still show up Monday to hook up the master bath vanity sink, and if he has to make a second trip in a week or ten days to FINALLY give me running water in my kitchen, the Silestone company can damn well pay for that.

I still have no kitchen sink. I will not have a kitchen sink for another ten days.

Excuse me while I pour another glass of wine and lose myself in mindless TV.

But the stuff that was installed today looks great. There is that. And tomorrow, there will be lighting and a microwave. There is that, too. See me, looking on the bright side?

Now, off to wine and mindless TV. Tomorrow will be very, very full.


Anonymous said...

Oh dear, oh dear, I can hear you gritting your teeth from here.
Back in 1979 we built a house on rural land near Tumut in the Snowy Mountains.
There was a marble quarry in the district and we chose a slab for our vanity.
Cut out for the oval basin was correct, the problem was that as they slid the marble into place, it BROKE in the vulnerable spot behind the basin cut out.
Replaced at no cost to us except the delay, and the replacement was actually a prettier slab.
Hope all is fixed up soonest,

Gae, in Callala Bay

Anonymous said...

It was going too smoothly, wasn't it? I am so sorry.
On the bright side, what's done is beautiful?


Catherine said...

What's done is fabulous. But getting to the finish line is taking forever. If I have it all done (including the things I'm doing myself) by Thanksgiving I'll be lucky.

bubblegum casting said...

Ohh wow looks like its quite the project will be good when its done!