Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The Finish Line Is in Sight.

Countertops Friday. Lighting Saturday afternoon (bless my adorable young electrician for working a Saturday), and the final, critical piece, PLUMBING, on Monday. Sunday I will be able to unpack the kitchen stuff into the cabinets that have been hanging there for a week and a half - I couldn't use them until the lighting was in.

There are still finishing elements undone - I need a mirror over the bathroom vanity, and glass shelving in the bar area, and if the cabinet guy doesn't come do the hardware and fix one wobbly spot before Friday I am going to have to dime him out to the project manager - but the end is in sight.

Just in time for work to go totally crazy busy. Emphasis on the crazy. But at least I'll be able to fix food in my own kitchen again on Tuesday.

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