Monday, September 16, 2013

The Floor!! The Floor!!

This luxury vinyl tile (LVT in the cool flooring kid jargon) is the best money I ever spent. The name is a bit misleading - it's not tile, it's actually planks, individual planks like hardwood flooring. It looks like hardwood flooring. It has texture like hardwood flooring. It's not glossy and clicky like laminate can be. It looks nothing like sheet vinyl of old. It's going to freaking transform this place, and I am so very glad that Home Depot's store manager turned me on to it.

He should be very NOT glad that his installers were lazy lying shits and made up a story about how HAARRRD it would be to install it and refused the job, because OMG the subfloor is so soft! . (Not that he wanted to alarm me or anything.) Absolute crap. So he turned me on to the product but I had to buy it somewhere else. I really do need to tell him the details, because he probably doesn't know.

And the HORRORS of the installation? The flooring is going in without a hitch - it's a big job, no lie, the living room is only half done at this point. It's going to take at least two more days to do the whole condo, but I am sooo loving it. This is a week of fairly back-breaking labor for me too, as I have to run ahead of the installers, getting all my books and crap out of their way. They move the furniture and are very careful, but I really can't ask them to unload the shoe rack or the bookcases, etc. I will sleep well tonight. But oh, it will all be worth it, because this floor is already gorgeous! I laughed at the installer tonight; he apologized for leaving the new, half-finished floor "dirty" (construction dust is everywhere) - I expected to be living in a mess for a week, and marvel that he felt the need to apologize. Apparently I'm a really easy customer. I see how it's going to look, and it's exactly as I'd pictured it.

Pictures after it's all done and I have lamps again. Seriously, most of my house is a big dark cavern of piles of furniture - overhead fixture was taken out of the dining room, and the living room lamps are unplugged, so, yeah, no pictures - this weekend, after the furniture is back in place and all is in order again, pictures.

And Whirlpool called about delivering a new, undamaged microwave - they wanted to deliver it Thursday, I had to call and put it off for Saturday. Halfway through remodeling hell, and still reasonably sane.


Anonymous said...

As the wife of a 'Tradie', I know and understand that WIP means some degree of mess. Once the job is finished there shouldn't be any mess.
But I have heard some completely unreasonable bitching from women (and some men) who do not seem to understand the principle.
So, yes, so far as your flooring guy is concerned, you are behaving angelically, he has had some right horrors on his case.....

Gae, in Callala Bay

Catherine said...

There IS a layer of dust over absolutely everything, and there will be until the whole job is done, but it is not surprising and hardly worth complaining about! It made me realize that he must have dealt with some unreasonable expectations in his day. :-)

Linda said...

Squee-ing right along with you! Can't wait to see the finished project:D