Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The Floor...the floor is exhausting.

It's gorgeous, fabulous, I love the way it looks, I'm going to be sooo thrilled when it's finally all done. But as we enter day THREE of the installation, I have some gripes about how the installers have gone about it. Right now, there isn't a room in my house that isn't torn up. I had discussed this with the Smiling Italian, and told him to please keep in mind that I had to shift my belongings from one room to another - I can't put much on the balcony; we are having daily windy thunderstorms. I have put a great many plastic tubs of stuff on the balcony, but that still leaves a great deal of Stuff that I have to shift from room to room. If they had, yanno, FINISHED the kitchen, I could use the kitchen to store stuff from the office, but no, they still need to do the finishing there. Ditto the living/dining room (aka: MOST OF THE HOUSE). My bedroom is half done, but they did put my bed back, so I'd have something to sleep on tonight. Thanks boys!

I have reached the somewhat frantic stage of just stashing random stuff anywhere horizontal and out of their way - the guest bathtub is piled as high as my head, and the new kitchen drawers (which I cannot use for kitchen stuff because we are still waiting for the messy process of countertop installation) are holding such diverse items as small framed photos and office supplies. It will take me all weekend to clean up and FIND stuff and put it back where it belongs.

And my air conditioner wasn't cooling when I came home. I think they may have something to do with that - I stopped by midday and found a piece of particleboard basically blocking the air return. By the time I got home at 5:30, the place was 82 degrees, and there it has stayed. I thought okay, they'd had the door open a lot, it'll cool off - yeah, three hours later, we haven't dropped a degree.
It's still in the mid-90s here, in mid-September, and yeah, that is really nasty. I turned it off and let it rest for a while, hoping it was just exhausted and frozen over from overwork. We'll see if it cools off before I collapse in exhaustion. I have to get up at 5 to finish packing up this guest room/office, though I'm seriously running out of places to put my stuff.


Anonymous said...

Check your furnace filter - it might be clogged from all the dust.

Brenda said...

I was stuck in Home Improvement Hell last summer when I had my house sided. We were having extremely hot weather, so the job took about a week longer than expected because the guys were going home early in the afternoon. I didn't blame them, but I was really glad when I could use my bathroom and kitchen sink without having some strange guy right outside the window. Plus I had cedar siding, and they had to tear parts of it off to install the new vinyl. During the process, the outside of my house looked like something from a war zone. Also---do you even have a furnace? Being an Iowan, it blows my mind that someone would have a house without a standard gas powered forced air furnace!

Catherine said...

The AC filter was clogged and I changed it, but it's still taking a really, really long time to cool. It did cool a couple of degrees after hours, but I need to keep an eye on it.

Most Florida houses have heat pumps, not furnaces. Heat is something flicked on in the morning if it's extra chilly, until the day warms up. :-)